Vision Board: Manifest Your Desires

I have always wanted to do a vision board but never seemed to  get up and do it. Well, I am glad that I finally got myself up and done the vision board. I brought together some of my housemates and we had a fantastic time while doing it. We only had four magazines that seemed to be more than enough for us.

Most people suggest playing music when you do your vision board, or have anything else that makes you feel good. I did not have any of that, but instead, we laughed and talked until we were done.

The Power of a Vision Board

A vision board is a reminder of what you desire to have or achieve. You stick it up where you can easily see it and it is meant to lift you up on days when you don’t feel motivated or have been procrastinating a lot. I recommend spending at least ten minutes with your vision board every other day so that you can get your head in the right space again and focus on your goals.

A vision board is not only fun to do, or so I think, but it also posses the power of visualization. The aim is for the vision board’s pictures to remind you of not only what you want to achieve, but literally picture yourself already living your desired life. The power of visualization is just as powerful as doing the action itself! So go on, let your imagination run wild.

It is a wonderful tool help you identify what you truly want in that time of your life. I would suggest you take time and think about what you what and then proceed to doing your vision board. That way you will know what you are looking for and not just go with the flow. My favorite thing about my vision board are the bold words that I felt describe me. Words like boss, unique, health, beauty, style, swag (I just like the word), free to be me, express yourself, queer excellence, focus, and roaring success. I loved these words as reading one of them immediately reminds me of who I am and where I am going. They align me. 


I aim to find a job that I will love and be satisfied with. My job must challenge me to grow and also pay me well (You, I even put the amount). I put a whole lot of books because I plan on publishing my first novel soon. I also put photos of offices and random colleagues having meetings. My favorite photo is of a beautiful, confident black woman presenting in a boardroom.

I put photos of a photo shoot and I have no idea why. I was just drawn to it. I concluded that the Universe must be telling me something and so I cut the photo and pasted it on my vision board. Education is also a big goal as I am currently studying my postgraduate degree in Marketing and I have a few more that I will be pursuing.


I want to travel; I need to travel. Travelling has always been a dream that I constantly want to live. I love a change in scenery and to simply experience something that I have never experienced before. I love meeting new people and trying new experiences (as long as it doesn’t involve heights). The thought of being in a completely different country and mingling with people I do not know somehow excites me.

In my vision board, I put a lot of photos of hotels and stunning beaches. I also went on to include the names of the countries I want to travel. South Africa. I am South African and I live in South Africa but there is still so much beauty about my country that I have not explored. I want to do more road trips in the beautiful Mother Land. The next countries I want to travel are: Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Botswana, Ethiopia and Nigeria. I want to travel Africa and see more of this beautiful land’s beauty.


Okay, I do not have an apartment and I surely cannot afford one. But it’s in my vision board for a reason- because I want one. That’s the beauty of a vision board. You don’t have to include things you have. That’s why I also included a car. I believe I will have that within the year.

Body Goals

People who know me have noticed that I have lost over ten kilograms in weight (probably 15 pounds) over the last two years. However, I still don’t have the flat tummy I desire and my thighs are slightly bigger than I would like. Don’t get me wrong, I completely love my body and the reason for having certain body goals comes from a place of love and not hate.

I want to wear my bikini at the beach knowing that I feel good and comfortable in y own skin. So I decoded to exercise every day. Whether I do ten sit ups in a day, or fifteen squats, all I know is that I am going to reach my body goals and put my health first. I obviously had to go the extra mile and put a whole lot of clothes, fashion and style in my vision board. Who doesn’t want new clothes? Not me!

Hair. Gosh, I want my hair to grow! I have been growing my Afro for two years not and I just want to see it grow ridiculously fast. I put photos of women in their beautiful Afro hair in my vision board.

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” -Buddha

Do you, boo.

A vision board must represent you and resonate with you. There is no best way you can make your vision board except your way. I just want to emphasize that having a vision board is great and making one is even better. Your dreams are valid and don’t limit yourself when you make your board.